Commercial Floor Cleaning in Reno and Sparks

Commercial Floor Cleaning

Our Flooring Maintenance Pros Can Handle a Variety of Floor Cleaning Services

A-1 Clean Care provides you with innovative hard floor cleaning solutions; properly maintaining hard floors is critical to ensuring the longevity of the different types of flooring materials, and a facility's floor is typically the largest cleanable surface. At A-1 Clean Care Janitorial services we have the expertise and logistical know how to take care of any facility flooring needed.

Your facility's flooring is subject to tough wear and tear, our commercial floor cleaning experts are reliable, well trained and well verse in the latest flooring materials, as well as in the safe and effective use of the different cleaning materials and equipment. A-1 Clean Care offers a variety of commercial floor cleaning in Reno, Sparks areas, all depending on the type of flooring and texture of the flooring to be cleaned. Certain floors will need to be stripped and top with a quality finish or may need to be buffed to a high gloss. You also have the different types of flooring as wood floors or marble flooring that may need special attention and special maintenance floor cleaning, our floor cleaning experts can help you keep your office floors looking like brand-new floors, let the A-1 Clean Care staff clean, polish, refinish or shine your floors. 

And as always with all our services we strive to provide you with the best quality commercial floor cleaning in Sparks and Reno at the most affordable cost, while giving you the best high-quality results. And remember that a proper floor maintenance program also extends the life of your floor products, making for a wise investment, contact us today to find out how easy and affordable truly clean floors can be. 

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