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Healthcare Cleaning

Cleaning Your Medical Facility with Your Health in Our Minds

All medical facilities be it a hospital, doctor's office, long term facilities or other healthcare settings have a strict cleaning and disinfecting requirements. We have identified which products and equipment's will meet these high cleaning and sanitation control standards.

As patients ourselves we know that the patient experience starts the moment we walk into the waiting room and what we see as we wait?! That is why we know the importance of proper sanitation, cleanliness and appearance of all your medical areas from the lobby to the exam room, to the private employee used areas and the important signals that tell all your patients that you truly care about your practice that in turn equals to truly caring about your patients care. All medical facilities have a high demand much more than traditional office cleaning, that requires a lot more disinfecting than any other type of cleaning service as well as a safe handling of all the healthcare cleaning aspects from the cleaning staff. We have developed strategies and procedures to make sure that all the healthcare cleaning services are met to keep your facility clean and healthy, ensuring that the high level of aseptic cleaning required in all medical areas including the waiting room, front desk, corridors, nursing stations and al utility closets are met.

Making all our staff in healthcare cleaning in Reno and Sparks adhere to all medical environments and all that healthcare mandates. A few of the things that we do for all our partners with their health always in our mind in the use of microfiber cleaning cloths that are color coded and sanitized after each used as well as our mops to help minimize the chance of cross contamination among other things. Our promise is to provide the best janitorial services in Reno at low cost not by cutting corners but by doing the job right every time and maintaining the high level of service at every visit, call us today for a free quote.

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